Neighbor Network Goals

"Neighbors helping neighbors is such a small act, yet has such a big impact"

  1. To empower families/individuals to better their situations.
  2. Educate the community as to how people become homeless- such as mother with 3 children who is a victim of domestic violence ,who finally gathers the nerve to leave her abusive partner , to find refuge in a shelter. She has no job because her controlling spouse wouldn't allow her to leave the house.
  3. Help to eliminate stereotypes associated with those less fortunate and to educate the community to the real faces of these individuals. It's not only the man or woman living on the street, but it could be the mother with 3 children who is walking 3 miles to and from the bus stop everyday, trying to work her minimum paying job to meet the needs of her family.
  4. Educate community on ways to help the less fortunate individuals in their own community.