Neighbor Network Events

"Neighbors helping neighbors is such a small act, yet has such a big impact"



Thanksgiving Basket Program:

Help us to put "Giving" back into Thanksgiving. This program provides families, experiencing financial hardship, with a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

  • See attachment for Overview of Program :
  • 1. Suggested Food Items for Thanksgiving Basket
  • 2. Basket presentation
  • 3. Basket Delivery
  • 4. Sample spreadsheet for larger groups, to help in organizing their collection.

Deadline for donations of food items or complete meals: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2014.
Click here for Thanksgiving Basket Drive details

Christmas Adopt-A-Family Program:

We all know the holidays can be very stressful and with families already struggling financially, it can be very overwhelming. Our program strives to help these families by providing gifts for their family, in hopes of bringing them peace and joy, during the holiday season.

  • Participants may choose to: (See attachment for further details)
  • 1. Purchase a gift or two from a Wish List posted on line (Deadline for donations of unwrapped gift(s) is Friday, December 5, 2014).
  • 2. Adopt a family (Great option for families, offices, social groups, sports teams, etc.) Deadline for Donors, who sponsor a family, is Thursday December 11, 2014, unless they are delivering directly to their sponsored family. A sample Wish List has been provided for larger groups, to help in organizing their collection.(see attachment)
  • 3. Purchase gift cards

Please contact Karen Mobley, if you wish to participate. ( or # 443-506-7394)
Click here for CHRISTMAS ADOPT-A-FAMILY details


    It's the time of year we begin looking ahead towards our busiest season of the year, the holidays with the Thanksgiving Baskets Program and the Christmas Adopt A Family Progam. The holidays seem far off, but as we all know they come quickly. These last two years have been especially hard with the economy putting a strain on so many families, both donors and recipients. Neighbor Network is preparing for the upcoming holidays and is seeking your assistance if you are interested in participating.

      Thanksgiving Basket Program:
      Donations of a traditional Thanksgiving meal (For example: Yams, stuffing, corn, greenbeans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, pumpkin/other pie or dessert, gift certificates to Giant/Food Lion/Safeway for purchase of a turkey/ham, etc.)

      Items to be dropped off at designated drop off site, (unless you wish to deliver your basket) Please Note: permission to deliver must be granted by the receiving family)

      Donations of specific items or an entire meal are greatly appeciated.

      Needs: Drivers to assist with transporting the baskets to the families.

      Adopt A Family:
      This program provides gifts to families for the Christmas season. There are several ways you can volunteer:

      1. Purchase one or several gifts from a Wish List that will be posted in an email. Items purchased should be wrapped and labeled with recipients name/family letter (this info will be provided). The designated drop off site will be provided at a later time.

      2. Adopt an entire family. This is a great idea for a group project (neighborhoods, companies, sports teams, community groups, churches, etc.). Drop off location will be provided at a later time.

      3. Purchase gift cards (Target, Walmart, Giant, Safeway, Food Lion). Gift cards make the best gifts as they provide families the opportunity to purchase things for themselves. They can be mailed to: Neighbor Network P.O. Box 66 Dayton, MD 21036 or dropped off at designated site, TBA.

      4. Drivers needed to help transport gifts to families

    Neighbor Network's goal to provide under privileged children with a brand new backpack filled with lots of shiny and colorful new supplies. What a great way to begin a new school year! Arriving to school prepared will certainly help to make these children more confident and eager to jump into learning. Knowledge is power and we wish all of our youth to have the opportunity to reach for the stars through education. Last year, Neighbor Network provided 175 fully stocked backpacks to low income families.

    Each backpack will be filled with the following items. Donations of any item or amount are greatly appreciated.

    • School Supplies List
    • (1)-Backpack
    • (1)-Pencil case (plastic box or canvas/fabric with zipper)
    • (5)-Black or blue pens
    • (4)-Pencil top erasers
    • (1)-Pencil sharpener
    • (1)-pkg #2 pencils (8, 10 or 12 pk)
    • (1)-Pink eraser
    • (1)-pkg Colored pencils (8, 10, or 12 pk)
    • (1)-box Crayons (24 pk)
    • (2)-Glue sticks
    • (1)-Highliter
    • (1)-pkg Magic markers (8-10 pk)
    • (1)-2 inch (3-ring binder)
    • (3) Spiral notebooks (1 subject)
    • (3) Marble composition books
    • (3)-pkg notebook paper (college or wide)
    • (3)-pocket folders (with fasteners to hold paper)
    • (1)-Ruler
    • (1)-Scissors